Justine’s Poem: Pieces to Peaces

Pieces to Peace There will be no check-in table in Arlington in Augustwith an aging, greying teacher with a red Bic penwaiting to grade assignments for more than ten miles of Ribbon.All the pieces belong there:all the symbols of a nation’s yearning for peace. Who would want to judge the pieces?Choose one as better thanContinue reading “Justine’s Poem: Pieces to Peaces”

Catholic Church & the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

(Embed hyperlink: ) The Catholic Church remains a leading proponent of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons(TPNW), which 122 states. The Vatican was among the first states to sign and ratify the treaty at theUnited Nations in September 2017.At a Vatican-sponsored symposium in November 2017, the Pope Francis said, “We must never growwearyContinue reading “Catholic Church & the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons”

Countries with Nuclear Weapons

What countries have nuclear weapons? In our world today, there are nine major countries that currently possess nuclear weapons. Here is the list of the nine states with nuclear warheads in descending order, starting with the country that has the most nuclear weapons at hand and ending with the country that has the least number of nuclearContinue reading “Countries with Nuclear Weapons”

The Threat of Nuclear Weapons Today

Globally, the number of nuclear weapons in the world has declined, but those that exist remain a threat to humanity—to everything that lives. According to the Federation of American Scientists, “the world’s combined inventory of nuclear warheads remains at a very high level: roughly 13,410 warheads as of early-2020. Of these, nearly 9,320 are inContinue reading “The Threat of Nuclear Weapons Today”