Peace Ribbon Vision Statement

We bring The Ribbon, the work of thousands of hearts and hands, to our nation’s capital as a gentle reminder that we love the Earth and its people.

Our Ribbon is a visible symbol of “all that we cannot bear to think of as lost forever.” By it, we say, “No to nuclear war and to the preparation for war.”

We are people of all colors, from many religious and philosophical, cultural and economic traditions. We come in a spirit of love and with a deep awareness that all of creation is intrinsically interconnected.

With us we bring our deepest fears, expressed in a diversity of ways, and released into a profound hope that we can find another way.

We come to confront the cumulative violence within ourselves and our institutions. We seek a transformation that will nourish a social, economic, political and ecological balance that can ensure a future for our children and ourselves.

By our presence we affirm the belief that war is not inevitable—that readiness for war already fractures the peace.

This peace we seek is more than the absence of war. It is rather a peace that is rooted in justice and imbued with compassion. It is well-being and harmony, a restoration of right order among all peoples and creation.

It is a set of relationships between beings and the earth in which power is not claimed by the strongest arm nor security by the largest weapons system. It is a state that is realized only in the full flowering of each person’s potential.

The Ribbon represents our acknowledgment of each individual’s ability to make a difference in building this peace. Through it we declare that together we can intercept the forces convening to annihilate the planet.

The Ribbon has tapped new sources of creative potential among us. With it we bring a vision, not a program, a process that is enabling.

Together we celebrate our human dignity and own our vulnerability in this nuclear age.